How We Help

Our Supportive Housing Program is for those who are in need of help and desire assistance to make a positive change in their lives. If you are seeking assistance with life challenges such as homelessness, substance abuse, age-related issues, former incarceration, psychological issues, and HIV/AIDS health concerns, please contact the staff at Beyond Housing Solutions, Inc. today.

Psychosocial Assessment

Often times, homelessness and mental illness go hand-in-hand. With our program, individuals are referred to agencies to be evaluated and assessed to receive the psychosocial treatments that they need. This helps with psychological issues, coping with homelessness or incarceration. We can also work with a previous diagnosis. Our goal is to help individuals to become stable, self-sufficient and to become a leading and productive member of society.

Case Management

We provide assessment of our client's needs, as well as providing outside referrals for primary adult medical care. We also provide vocational rehabs for our clients as well as many psychosocial services. Our staff has more than 15 years of experience and training to facilitate these services. All fees are included.

GED Prep

Counseling Session & Case Manager

Finding a new job is practically impossible without a High school diploma or GED. Fortunately, we provide the resources needed to get you prepped for your high school diploma or GED test. Our partnered churches assist in helping students expand their education to pass their tests. This usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

Job Readiness

In this program, we offer Microsoft training, web training, research, and more. We provide resume-building, interview skills training, training on conflict resolution, and "dress for success" training. We then work to put our clients' new resumes on numerous websites to enhance their exposure. We are partnered with a number of companies to find you a job. We work to provide the necessary skill sets needed to apply for entry-level employment and subsequently maintain that employment.

Other Programs & Services

» Recovery with Beyond Housing Solutions
» Mini Psychological Assessment
» Support Group Meetings
» Treatment Planning
» Referrals to Outside Programs
» In-House Meetings & Support
» A Committed & Dedicated Staff

Special Group Sessions

» Smoking Cessation Classes
» HIV/AIDS Education & Counseling
» Men & Women Rap Sessions
» Relapse Prevention Programs
» Fatherhood 101 Program
» Anger Management