Locations & Properties

Beyond Housing Solutions is committed to providing compassionate transitional programs and care for those in need. Whether you are an HIV patient, recently released from prison, or homeless, our staff provides the assistance you need to regain your independence. Our extensive transitional housing network in Baltimore, Maryland, includes several facilities for clients to visit. Feel free to visit our transitional care centers for regular programs. In addition, be sure to contact us to learn if you are eligible to stay with us.

Men's Transitional Center

The Men's Transitional Center is a place for clients to receive assistance for various life challenges. This facility specializes in care for men who were recently released from prison or are making their way back into employment. We provide the resources and support you need to transition smoothly back into society. The facility includes nine beds for individuals who require particular assistance. We are located at:
3919 Ridgewood Avenue
Baltimore MD 21215

Men's Substance Abuse & ID Center

The Substance Abuse & ID Center is a facility dedicated to helping men who are recovering from addiction to alcohol and illicit drugs. Overcoming these addictions is not easy. We help you beat these vices so that you may get your life back on track. This facility houses nine clients, and is located at:
2421 Barclay Street
Baltimore MD 21218

Men's Supportive Housing Center

The Supportive Housing Center is a versatile facility that is designed to help clients lead a more stable life. This center provides community outreach programs, such as life skills and career training, to help individuals find their place in society. The Supportive Housing Center accommodates up to six clients, and is located at:
3921 Ridgewood Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215

Women's Substance Abuse & ID Center

The newly constructed Women's Center is a full-service transitional housing facility. We help women who are victims of domestic violence and drug abuse. Our outreach services are also available to the homeless and those who have been recently released from incarceration. The Women's Center is located at:
1800 North Charles Street Suite 202
Baltimore, MD 21201

Men's and Women's Transitional Center

The Men's and Women's Transitional Center is a recent addition to our network. It is intended as a center for healing, where individuals who are going through various life challenges may meet and attend programs that allow them to adjust to their circumstances. Our facility houses nine individuals, and is located at:
3824 Garrison Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21215